Active Roll

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Product Description

Active Roll is a super-versatile piece of exercise equipment that offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage. After winning the “reddot” product design award in 2016; it gives us great pleasure to bring this unique and industry changing piece of equipment to the market. It can be used in the gym, at home or rehabilitation clinic to improve a person’s flexibility, balance and core muscle strength.

The specially grooved surface of cross stripes increases blood circulation by stimulating the area being massaged, which can improve exercise ROM (range of motion) and help to prevent injury.

Active Roll has four different vibration levels from 2,000RPM to 3,700RPM.You will find the most comfortable and suitable vibration for your body as recommended in the Active Roll workout manual.

The expanded polypropylene is a durable, light and eco friendly recyclable plastic foam material with excellent energy absorption.


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