Never judge a book by it’s cover - 8 Week Workout

Never judge a book by it’s cover

Judgement is something we are all guilty of, it is in our nature to judge what we see at first sight, but take it from me, you should never judge a book by it’s cover; in fact, if your willing to by pass the cover, you could be in for the story of your life! I often get judged, especially when it comes to how I conduct myself on social media, people naturally presume that I live in the gym and nourish myself with home made kale crisps and grilled chicken breasts, ironically, both of which I love; but the reality is, that is such a small proportion of what makes up my day to day life. In fact, I recently started vlogging on my YouTube channel for that very reason, to give people a “real” insight into me and my life.

I’ve been labelled a lot of things in the past but the stereotypical one that springs to mind is a “fitness freak” and to some extent I am (oops… guilty), but it’s the connotations of which that is implied, as a negative that baffles me. What… I’m weird because I workout and eat clean? I obviously love staying fit and being active, I enjoy eating well and looking after myself, but that doesn’t mean my entire life revolves around the gym and perfectly steamed asparagus tips, drizzled in olive oil and fresh garlic, maybe with a squeeze of lemon… sorry about that, always have food on the brain, where was I? Oh yes… by all means, 80% of the time I do focus on my health and wellbeing, firstly because it’s my job to help people transform both their body’s and lifestyles and therefore I believe in leading by example and practicing what I preach, and secondly, it’s now my lifestyle, I have been living like this for so long I don’t know any different, but more importantly, let people judge because in the words of Conor McGreggor and of-course in a Irish accent, “I don’t give a f**k”.

I guess the key is balance and enjoying everything in moderation. The other 20% of the time when I’m not indulging in rice cakes and almond butter, I like to do what everyone else enjoys, being social, eating pizza and necking the odd shot of Sambuca. In fact, I am out most evenings with friends and family, whether that be a trip to the cinema, out for dinner, or a boozy night on the town, I like to make the most of every single day and live in the moment.

I am a massive foodie, in fact, put a gourmet burger and fries in front of me and it will be devoured in an instant, but that doesn’t mean I do that all the time, maybe once a week if I’m really craving something naughty and that way I can mentally reward myself for a week of hard training in the gym and healthy eating. The funny thing is, I am the odd one out for wanting to exercise and eat healthy for the majority of the time and it’s crazy to think that society as a whole has accepted that it’s now the norm to eat junk food on a regular basis. The fact is, your body is merely a physical representation of your day to day life, so it is massively important to me that my lifestyle reflects how I want to feel and how my body looks. Again, enjoy everything in balance.